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The site ran very successfully for 10 years and was aimed mostly at school kids. It is devoted to providing the best scientific information available to anyone who is interested in any aspect of biology (the study of life) including palaeontology (the study of the history of life).

We have now closed the site: all of the 10,000+ questions asked by people like you and the 25,000+ answers provided by our experts are available as a repository for you to access and browse. They're sorted into 14 categories.

Everything you see here has been written by professional scientists, academics and educators who are experts in their own areas of interest. These people have given up their free time to help you, so please use the information to learn and enjoy science. Between us we work on dinosaurs, sea scorpions, ecology, human evolution, spiders, cell biology, evolution, birds, human and animal behaviour, human medicine, physiology, forests, conservation, genetics, fish, and plenty more besides.

We believe in being honest: if we (or science) as a whole do not know the answer, then we have said so. If there is a debate on the subject we have given you both sides of the argument and the reasons why we may favour one or the other.

We want you to enjoy science and to be as excited about life on earth as we are, so pick an area of biology you're interested in and start browsing, or just use the search box on the right. 

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