In addition to my question yesterday. How long would it normally take for someone to become a paleontologist starting from college. Because just going abroad would cost a lot and i want to know if pursuing this would put too much pressure on my parent.

Well, as always, there isn't a simple answer.  It depends at what point you consider yourself to be a paleaontologist, or what path you wish to take.  If we say a researcher, then in the UK system, you'd be looking at:

An undergraduate degree: 3-4 years
Possible a Masters degree: 1-2 years
A PhD:  3-5 years

So there's a total of 7-11 years.

After that, people typically have 1-3 post docs, which are 1-3 years each (so, 3-9 years of post-doctoral work) where you are employed, but not necessarily in a permernant position. Some people have less time in post-doctoral positions, some more.

There are *potentially* some shortcuts to this. It's increasingly rare, but you can get a PhD without a Masters, and if you have a good degree already in another field (even a non-science one) you may be able to get on a biology / palaeo realted Masters to get onto a PhD. If you are self-funded, you can just 'start' a PhD (if someone will take you) without qualifications but man would it be hard.

Not to encourage you or anyone to try and take the shortcut, that extra education and training is there for a reason, but if you're already in your 30s say with a career behind you, it's not impossible to go right to the PhD phase.