Hi, I've been searching everywhere on the web and in books for my final year of school biology project to find out how methylisothiazolinone or at least how isothiazolinones as a whole work to kill bacteria ie do they denature the membrane proteins or break up the phospholipids etc? I cannot find anything about this so was wondering if you could possibly give me any details you may have of the interactions of this chemical with bacteria?
Also, for gram positive bacteria do the teichoic acids on the surface of the bacteria hold any significance as to how they are affected by disinfectants such as methylisothiazolinone, bleach or benzalkonium chloride?

Thank you in advance!

NB My project aims to discover the effects of different surface cleaners on both gram positive and gram negative bacteria

You need to seach for isothiazolinones and "mechanism of action". The link below is informative