One of the big complaints I hear about eating liver is that it is a "filtration organ" and people just can't imagine that eating it can be very good for you.  This doesn't seem like an accurate viewpoint, but I don't have the scientific background to understand why it isn't. 
If somebody could help me understand the repercussions of eating liver, I would very much appreciate it.

Hi Stewart,

the biggest problem with eating liver is probably hypervitaminosis with respect to vitamin A. Some heath authorities suggest eating liver ony once a week because of this. Other than that liver is very good.

I would point out that hypervitaminosis of vitamin A can lead to skin turning orange, hairloss, osteoporosis, bony growths and even death.  Many cold adapted carnivorous mammals have a superabundance of vitamin A in their livers, making them potentially fatal if eaten. Stick to lamb's liver and give the polar bears and huskies a miss!

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I think that only applies to some animals like polar bears (accepted folk law that eskimos die if they eat it). For most domestic animals you would have to eat a vast amount each day to run into problems.