Hi all.  are bears able to crawl like humans?  my readings suggest they can.  any thoughts?

I assume you're referring to the crawling of human infants, which is a very odd form of locomotion - a quadrupedal gait with the entire hind limb below the knee contacting the ground. I'm sure that bears are physically capable of doing this, and I wouldn't be surprised if bears could even be trained by a patient handler to crawl more or less like human babies. However, an adult bear would be very unlikely to do this spontaneously, even over short distances. Walking in the conventional manner, with only the soles of the feet and palms of the hands making contact with the ground, would be much more efficient. (As an aside, this style of walking is actually somewhat unusual among carnivores, since in members of the dog and cat families only the toes normally contact the ground.) I suppose infant bears, which are apparently fairly small and helpless at birth, might sometimes pass through a "crawling" phase while learning to walk - I really don't know.