Is the muscle pain after getting a booster shot muscle damage pain? Like that after lifting weights in the gym?

Would eating protein rich foods such as chicken eggs and lean meat balls and pork chops make it heal faster like it would if it was muscle pain after weight-lifting?

How do you make the muscle pain go away as soon as humanly possible?

So, would it affect a body builder's muscle recovery if he got a booster shot? Like, would the body concentrate on healing the booster shot pain than healing the muscle damage he got from weight-lifting?

1.    The pain that occurs after a vaccination or immunisation is due to a local inflammatory reaction at the injection site due to the reaction between the vaccinated material and the host immune system. This is therefore very different form a muscle strain that occurs after exercise.
2.    No, since the causes are very different (see above).
3.    You have to wait for the immune reaction to “die down” which should take 1-2 days. It could be argued that if one could reduce the immune reaction somehow then that might reduce the effectiveness of the immunisation.
4.    Same answer – the two processes have little in common so an immunisation should have no significant effect body builder's muscle recovery.

Just to add, muscle pain after exercise is not usually muscle damage strictly speaking, or you should change the amount of efforts. It is due to lactate accumulation in the muscle resulting from anaerobic respiration. Therefore it is more sugar that should help recovering from that, although I am sure proteins can't hurt.