I was walking on a beach recently on the east Coast of Ireland and I came across a number of clear jelly eggs, the shape and size of a gooseberry, they were completely see through and had a worm or fish embryo inside. I am very curious to know what they are. I took some photos so I can forward them on





Hi Barbara,

we have had a similar sounding question before http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/punbb/v … p?id=1608.

It is possible that what you have found are in fact washed up "sea gooseberries" (Pleurobranchia sp.). There is more information available from the bbc website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/blueplanet/ … y_bg.shtml). If you have photos the best place to send them for an identification would be the Marine Biological Association (http://www.marlin.ac.uk/) as Al mentions in the post above. However, you can send me a (medium resolution) photograph to askabiologist@googlemail.com and I can embed the image into your post.

I hope this helps.

Photo's posted!