Hello my name is Bobbierose and i have found a strange insect in my house. At first I thought it was the fly most commonly known as a daddy long-legs but this one looks very different. It has T-shaped body and I am curious to find out what type of insect it is.


Please read the relevant bits in this: http://www.askabiologist.org.uk/punbb/v … hp?id=1638
Without more  / better information or a very good photograph, we're at a loss to tell you anything.

However, 1) there are a number of species of Tipulid (craneflies / daddy long-legs), so you could have seen a different one and 2) Pholcidae spiders have very long and thin legs, perhaps a better look is called for.

Remember the 4 'w's of information - who (you), what (detailed description), where and when, without these, there is almost nothing useful one can learn from anything...

That being said, there is a very distinctive British plume moth that rests in a T-shape, it's called Emmelina monodactyla.

Here is a photo:


(Photo by Ji?í)

Of course, it is unlikely to be this if you are based in USA, which is why it's useful to know where you saw the insect.