Thank you for your consideration to a rather unusual request for information. Your answer need not be detailed in any kind of scientific answer. Perhaps, you who read this question, will find that frogs might have a gift to us humans, in a rather unusual way.

I was recently told that frogs can only jump forward, and never backward.  Could you please confirm this for me. I have a special reason to ask:

At a recent funeral of a friend suffering and later dying from cancer, she took as her inspriration , the frog. To keep her going in her cancer treatments, she started collecting frog images, from "Kermit" to garden frogs.  It was shared at her funeral that she collected these frogs because "they can only jump forward, and never backward". That was her inspriration to "keep going forward" in the hopes that her cancer treatments would work.

I find this a powerful image if it is true. I volunteer with a prison population of men trying to stay connected with their children. Often they are discouraged that they don't know if their cards and letters get to their children or not.  I would like to suggest "the frog" as their inspiration to keep them "going forward" with their efforts to stay connected with their kids.  And in other situatiions, "the frog" would help in issues of re-entry, when the men are being released.

So, you can see, that if a frog's jumping habbits could be that inspiration, I would be thrilled to be able to use it.

So, please let me know if a frog can really only hop or jump forward, and cannot jump backward. 

I realize this is not a usual  frog question, in the biological field, but an answer could really help me out in my volunteer work.  And perhaps, it might give you, the one to whom I pose this question, some ideas about how the frog could be an inspiration to others.   Thanks again for considering my oh so basic question.  E

Hi Elizabeth,

It is true to say that frogs don't jump backwards (unless they are on an unstable surface and get flipped over during the jump), so feel free to use the comparison without fear of inaccuracy.