In response to my last question on here, Graeme Loyd said that chimps, after a little training, could outperform scientists on a math test. Can you go into more detail and give me the name of the study and/or where I can read about it?

Hi Tony,

Sorry for the lengthy reply. I should perhaps clarify that the example I mentioned was a reasonably simple mathematical test that one chimp had been taught to do. It wasn't that humans couldn't solve it, it was simply that the chimp was able to respond faster than some of the researchers when they took the test.

This was mentioned on a TV documentary a while back, I can't remember if the chimp in question was one of Sally Boysen's ( or was 'Ai' ( who lives at the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University.

If you want to read more then there is a book called "Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees" ( … %7Creviews) that may be of interest. I should point out that I haven't seen it myself, but the authors are Ai's researchers so I'm sure it will be relevant.