We have raised a rooster from the egg and are finding out many new aspects of a chicken that we didn't know.
My high school SPED students want to know how well the chicken can see and how intelligent are they.  Also what do the different sounds mean that he makes - crow, churtle, trill, low grown like a dinosaur they imagine. Also what is the function of a chicken's tongue.  Thanks for your help,  Bee Loomis  and science students Lincoln Southeast High School

Those are all such brilliant questions from your students!

To answer some of them, you could try an experiment: You could place two circles of paper of different colors/patterns fixed to the floor. Then, your rooster (does he have a name?) can be taught that when he pecks one of the circles (say, the red one) he'll get a little bit of his favorite treat (keep the portions small so he doesn't fill up to fast). Change the order of the circles around but always be consistent on the color of the one you want the rooster to learn. The children can then keep a log of how many days it takes for the rooster to learn this (he should eventually). Then you could try changing the shapes to squares or triangles and see if he can recognize the red one.... This will show how intelligent chickens are and that they can see colors!

Have fun!