what are giraffes how did they evolve, what did they evolve from are they ancient dinosaurs? I know there is contrversay on how they evolved the long neck vs sexual but I have never heard of any thing else with the glorious animal.

Giraffes are mammals, so they are not at all closely related to dinosaurs. Specifically, giraffes fall into a group called the Artiodactyla, the "even-toed hoofed mammals", that also includes pigs, antelopes, deer, camels and a number of other things. The only close living relative of the giraffe is an African animal called the okapi.

Although palaeontologists will probably never find the specific ancestor from which giraffes, okapis and other artiodactyls evolved, we can be fairly confident that this ancestor was like the very early artiodactyls we do know: a gracefully built, rabbit-sized, plant-eating mammal. It would have lived around fifty-five million years ago, well after the last dinosaurs. Giraffes evolved their very long necks and legs much more recently, for reasons that (as you say) have been controversial.

Although there has been controversy in the past, the evidence supporting the idea that neck elongation occurred as part of browsing competition is now pretty well supported. Field studies show that giraffes really are able to reach leaves that other browsing animals are not (and these leaves are more nutritious too), and the hypothesis of sexual selection for mate competition among males can't explain why female giraffes also have long necks.