I have an area in my front yard, approximately 10' X 3', that has become full of flying insects. They have burrowed into the ground leaving the area to look like swiss cheese. The holes are pencil size in diameter and the insects are constantly flying in and out. A close look at them finds that they resemble a bee, but I have walked through the area, as have my dogs, without being stung and there are hundreds of them flying about.  I'm wondering what they are and how to get rid of them. I live in NH.

Hi Rob - not sure where NH is but I'll take a guess that you're in the US and NH is New Hampshire. This site is principally UK based and it's very hard to ID insects from a verbal description but it sounds to me like your yard may be full of some kind of mining bee. If so they can sting (at least the females can) but they are really not at all aggressive, have a short period of nesting activity, and are very beneficial as pollinators.

Have a look here for more info


Hi Rob

Almost certainly you have a nesting aggregation of mining bees. Impossible to identify to species without a pic (and even then it can be very tricky). If you want to see what colleagues in the US can do, you could try posting a pic to BugGuide http://bugguide.net/node/view/1 which is visited by black-belt taxonomists based at the AMNH and with the USGS.

If, as you say, they are no problem, I would advise that you enjoy them whilst they are around, and the benefits of their pollinating activities in due season