I heard that there exists an extemely rare condition known as "Vagina Dentata" that occurs in less than 1 in 1,000,000 women.  The condition causes teeth to form in the vagina.  Is this real?  Can it cause me injury?  How can I detect if a woman has this condition before having sexual intercouse with her?  Is there any cure or surgury?


The myth of Vagina Dentata – the legend of a vagina containing teeth – seems to have arisen many times in many different societies throughout the world, including in India and amongst Native Americans. A variant of the legend was reported by veterans of the Vietnam war, who had heard stories of Vietnamese prostitutes who placed razor blades in their vaginas in order to emasculate unwitting GIs – there was no evidence that anyone had actually ever experienced this first-hand. It has been suggested that the myth arises out of a Freudian castration anxiety. The recent horror film ‘Teeth’ played upon this fear.
But whilst the condition of a toothed vagina remains firmly in the realm of myth, there are instances where teeth have been discovered in other parts of the female reproductive system – in teratomas of the ovary. Teratomas are tumours containing differentiated tissues, and may develop from persisting embryonic tissue at various sites in the body, or from germ cells in the testis or ovary.