How did cell membranes evolve? When, where, did the first membrane develop?
Was there some kind of development of boundaries or membranes before life evolved?

I would also appreciate any references or bibliographic material you could send  me.

Thanks, John Breen.

I think this is one of those things that's still not fully understood. You should go to a library and try reading text books like Molecular Biology of the Cell from Garland Science. At least that's the one I used as an undergrad.

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I would add that membranes probably did exist before life, since they naturally form under quite simple chemical circumstances.

I would add (more, more!) that this isone of (sadly) many areas of biology where we are ignorant. However, that does not mean that we cannot learn a lot in the future. New fossils, new techniques, molecular and genetic evidence can all reveal a huge amount about such things in the future.

Just becasue we don't know much about one thing, does not mean we know nothing about anything, a mistake many make about science!