how honey badger of africa came to life from coma after bitten by a deadly puff adder or a cape cobra?

I don't know the details of how this works, don't know if anyone has actually studied the detailed mechanisms, but honey badgers do indeed have an incredible resistance to the poison. From what I understand, the coma is induced as a way of shutting down vital systems as much as possible to prevent the poison from spreading, giving their immune system time to detoxify the poison. Once the immune system has successfully eliminated the poison threat, it somehow sends an all-clear signal to the brain and wakes it up.

I expect it is linked to the same system that causes torpor or hibernation, but I can't really say anything about the biochemical specifics. If anyone else has more or better information and thinks I am offbase with this answer, please chime in.

That is an excellent question that I think is worthy of someone finding out, as it could prove very useful for human medicine.