Hi there, two days ago I saw a strange large flying insect in my garden that I've tried to identify but can't. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get a photo either.

Its body was about 3/4' long and slender with black and yellow stripes. It had a large black head with something large protruding downwards from the head that made it almost look like a horses head and long antennae arching above the head. It also had large, almost triangular wings with very noticeable dark or even black stripes or spots on.

It was very scary looking as it landed on a wooden garden fence. It was very agile and quickly turned around to face downwards and I could actually see its head moving around as if it was looking around.

I've seen large Inchneumon wasps acting like this before but never seen one this colour or with such a strange shaped head.

Do you know what it could have been?

If it turns up again I'll try to get a photo.

All the best


It is really very difficult to identify insects purely from descriptions, and so a photo would be very useful. I suspect that you mean it was 3/4" rather than 3/4' long ;-)

It would also be a help to let us know where you are