Found scores of small jelly balls on the beach in E.Yorks over the weekend and can't find out what they are on the internet. They are marble sized (approx), see-through, firm jelly, ribbed along the surface with a little strand of something inside them. There was another entry on this website from S. Clarke wondering whether they were eggs or jellyfish. Answers were inconclusive as there were no pics... so we went back this morning and took some photos, as I reckon we're describing the same thing. I have 9 pictures but for some reason can only upload one. Would love to know what they are; have a name for them when we next see them etc.

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We have been getting lots of questions about this lately!

These little blobs of jelly are a jellyfish-like animal called a sea gooseberry. As a group, sea gooseberries are called 'comb jellies' (Ctenophora) because they swim using rows of pulsating, comb-like 'hairs' along their bodies. In life, these comb rows diffract light in beautiful rainbow patterns.

Hope this helps!