Have there ever been any dinosaurs that were jumping like kangaroos?

Well Charlie, that is very hard to tell. Kangaroos and other animal that move like that (gerbils and kangaroo rats) have very specialised muscles and so on that rarely show up in fossils. On dinosaur bones we can see marks where the muscles attached to the bones, which gives us an idea of how they worked, but it is still difficult to work out how this might have affected how the dinosaur moved.

Interestingly, there is one set of footprints known that seems to show a theropod (one of the predatory dinosaurs) hopping. However, it is a single hop, and comes after a set of normal walking footprints. So it appears that the hop the dinosaur made was unusual, rather than its normal way of moving. But at least we do know that some dinosaurs could hop, whether any of them normally moved like kangaroos we will probably never know.