What are the most common physical traits of the typical black person for example (spine,vocal folds etc) and is there any true physical differences between black and white people other than facial construction


If you start with the descriptor "black" and include every person with dark skin, you include (and I'm guessing here) half the human population of Earth. Each dark-skinned group of people, evolved in isolation from one another under different sets of selective pressures, has subtle physical variations that are different in combination from any other group. To give you an idea of how varied it is, when you look at the degree of genetic diversity in humans around the world, what you find is a disproportionate concentration in Africa, found in the various tribes and ethnic groupings there. How this is interpreted is that groups of people left africa and colonised the rest of the world, but of four main branches in the human lineage (based on mitochondral DNA), only one branch moved out of africa to populate the rest of the continents. What that means is that the greatest differences between any two people can be found when both people have dark skin.

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Questions as broad as yours about skin colour don't actually have a very informative answer.