hello, i was walking in a city today and i saw a bird getting some hay or grass or something to make a nest, but all the pigeons nearby werent making any nests at all...
my questions is do pigeons, the ones that live in cities or the ones that live in the country make nests?
and if they do not, where do their babies live?
and if they do not live in a nest, do they get cold?

also, i dont think i have ever seen a baby pigeon anywhere... do they look the same as grown up pigeons or are they different looking,


Pigeons do make nests, but usually in hard to see and hard to get to places (e.g., on covered ledges, under bridges, in abandoned buildings). They also breed year round unlike most other birds in the UK.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a baby one either and given how prolific they are in our cities this leads me to suspect  that by the time they fledge their plumage and body size is fairly similar (i.e. to a casual observor) to an adult. This is just a hunch though - hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong!

Pigeons do make nests and hatch young in the same way as most other birds. The only real difference between pigeon young (known as squabs) and the young of other birds is that they are kept in the nest for a long time- up to two months before fledging- so that to a casual observer it is difficult to tell a juvenile pigeon from an older one. If you are interested, the best way to tell them apart is by the eye colour: adult pigeons have bright orangey eyes, whereas juveniles have browner duller eyes.

Having said that though, most small birds are fed until they are ready to fly and have full feathers. Juveniles are often told apart from adults by their drab plumage until they moult into their bright breeding plumage, but obviously pigeons don't get terribly bright!

Eileen Girling then posted:

Robin Matthew Hinks asks in birds why he does not see baby pigeons. May I as a non expert suggest why  but I stand to be corrected . I believe it may be because the pigeon/dove  family is unique in that their offspring stay in the nest with the parents much  longer than other birds  because they are fed on pigeon "milk" ,which the parents regurgitate and that by the time they fledge the nest they are like their parents, though u can still tell they are the young ones as they look young, fresh and "new". I see this with collared doves around my area.    Sorry if I am interfering. Just trying to be helpful.