Some time my dwarf hamster appears to be quite smart. When he notices that I came into the room he starts chewing the grid; showing he wants to come out.

What is unbelievable that he is able to notice eye-contact. If I sit next to the cage, and watch him, he starts chewing. When I turn off my head and he doesnt see my face, he stops until I trun back.
How come that he realize when I can see him.

In other cases he creates a big hissy, and appeards to be dumb. he chews the grid so bad that he doesnt notice that I open the door of the cage in front of him and put my hand into the cage waiting for jumping my hand. Always has to pass 7-8 seconds till he notices me.

Its quite strange that he recognize my face and eyes from a hamster, doesnt it?

But what happens in the second act? Maybe he turns so crazy that he cant stop chewing?

What do you think?


I'm afraid I don't know much about hamster intelligence so I don't know if hamsters can usually learn what you're describing. Even if the hamster has learned to recognise when you are looking, I would suggest that it's not necessarily recognising you as a person, rather just another pattern that it has associated with being let out of its cage. I think hamsters probably don't have a theory of mind:

It may be that you are attributing meaning to your hamster's behaviour that is not necessarily warranted. It may well be that the hamster's behaviour is quite random, but that you have picked up on its behaviour as a definite pattern. Humans are very susceptible to spotting patterns when there are none, especially when they involve attributing meaning to the behaviours of other creatures, as we over-anthropomorphise them. Without doing a rigorous test on your hamster's behaviour, I wouldn't know whether this was happening, or whether your hamster is actually recognising your behaviour. Perhaps you'd like to try this :)