I've seen several news stories about sightings of a pink bottlenose dolphin. Is it pink because it's an albino that got sunburned? :( Or is it just the blood vessels showing through?

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Hi Megan,

Skin in albino animals does indeed look pink because the blood vessels underneath can be seen through the lack of dark pigments. The lack of melanin, particularly, makes albino animals (and people) very sensitive to sunburn.

The pink dolphin in this picture is more than likely Pinky, a very rare albino bottlenose dolphin living in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana. Pinky was first sighted in 2007 and has been very popular with visitors since, although conservationists are worried that the attention is not good for him (or her)...

The Amazon River dolphin Inia geoffrensis is a beautiful large freshwater dolphin that is often pink without being an albino.

Hope this helps!