I recently moved into a house (in Thailand) that has been unoccupied for several months and there are small greyish oblong pods stuck to the upper walls and edge of the ceiling. At first I thought they were just old and empty and swept the lower ones off with a broom (some were harder to sweep away than others). About a day after my sweep-a-thon I noticed that more pods were reappearing at eye level again. So this morning I'm looking at one on the bathroom wall and it's moving down the wall!!! And there's this little brown head(?) poking out of the end of the pod that's moving it along the wall. I'm really freaked out now wondering what they will emerge as. There are some really high up ones that I can't reach with the broom. But I might need to get a ladder.

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It's hard to tell from the photo, but I think these may be case-bearing clothes moth larvae. Probably best to keep cleaning them away - but there's no point in just sweeping them down, because they'll climb back up.

If you have a vacuum cleaner I'd thoroughly clean the whole place then make sure you throw the vacuum cleaner bag out when you finish. If not, make sure you get rid of as much material that you sweep up (or down) as possible.

If these are clothes moth larvae you'll need to be careful with your clothing and any organic materials you own (cotton is normally fairly safe, but wool is a prime target). Make sure you clean out any wardrobes thoroughly and then keep the doors shut to keep the adult moths out. Do check your clothes for these guys regularly, or you'll find your stuff full of holes.

Of course, this is assuming I've made the correct identification, which is difficult without a clearer photo.