how much money do they make

If money is the primary determinant you are using when choosing which course you plan to study, then biology may not be top of your list!

Well, here's an older post regarding salaries of biology professors: … php?id=166

If you go into the industries like pharmaceuticals, breweries or food companies, then you'd be making just as much as any engineer or office worker, I think starting salary typically about £20,000 per year on average??? I'm not entirely sure as I don't have a real job yet:-(

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Biology doesn't pay well when compared to business. Training to be a biologist can provide the numeracy to go into banking etc. where there is more money to be made. I'm 32 and on £30k, which I'm happy with since I have a museum curator job that I love. I have friends who studied biology who went into finance and are on three or four times as much as me, but they all hate their jobs.

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on the other hand academic medicine pays well and is massively enjoyable (at least i think so), if extreemely hard work and a very long training period.

...and right at the bottom of the pile is Conservation! After a degree and possibly more, you're then likely to spend around a year as a volunteer gaining experience (and if you're lucky a chainsaw or tractor qualification) before getting paid work. This is likely to be a short term contract (my first was around £10,500!!).

You may jump around these for a couple of years before getting, say, and Assistant Warden job (probably in the region of £14/15k). A Warden position with, say the RSPB, is likely to offer around £19/20k, by which time you'll be in your late twenties and everyone you know or meet (even cleaners or 'unskilled' workers) will be raking in far more cash than you!

There must be an up side as to why I do it though... ;>)