i've been seaching google etc, for an easy non-expensive way to make home made glow sticks.
i saw a video of someone making one, but i cant get it to work, nether can a lot of other people but it looks very

anyway, i've tried what he is doing, and cant get it to work. it would be neat if i was only missing one reagent or something simple.

anyway, thanks for the reply, i'm looking forward to it

Thanks two points to note:-

1. This website is about biology rather than chemistry

2. If you scroll down the page you have cited you will see that (leaving aside the rather stange sentance structure and atypical spelling) most people have not been able to get this to work and the consensus would seem to be that it is unlikely to do so.

Well in biology pretty much all glowing animals produce their light by breaking down the protein luciferin with the enzyme luciferase. This is actually done in some commerical glowsticks as well.

However, I have no idea what has gone into your version so we really can't help you with this sadly.

It is interesting to note how often this process has evolved thought. Numerous unrelated fish species use this method as do various squid, beetles, flies and bacteria.

Thanks David and agreed - we often use green (and red and yellow) fluorescent proteins as markers in our molecular experiments  to allow us to see which cells/neurons have been transfected.