I would appreciate if you can advice which career would be the best choice for me. I have a bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Nigeria but I am currently in North America.
I wish to start a career in healthcare but my worries are - I was not so good in maths in high school and Biology was the only science subject I took (no Physics or Chemistry).
I would like a career in the healthcare sector...please advice.


I'm afraid you will have to boost your chemistry education for a career in the healthcare sciences. Look at the disciplines you would like to work in and see what the minimum entry qualifications are to guide your additional. studies.

What kind if career are you looking for? Would you like to be a doctor/nurse or something lab based? You would probably have to go back and re-qualify for those careers.

Maybe something in science communication which would be more suited to your current qualifications? There are a lot of roles in the healthcare industry that do not necessarily require a science background.

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