My friends and I decided to go on a walk today in the woods and not too far in there was a medium sized fallen tree blocking our path.  When we got a closer look we realized it looked like it had imprints of bugs on it, all over it actually.  He bugs imprinted into the tree bark were. Kind I've never seen before and had long legs like a spiders except less jointed and a lot of the legs leading to a body.  The bug while not that big did not look familiar and since my friends and I hike there often, I would think we would have noticed a bug like it before.  Like I said before there were all the same(as many as 15) imprints on that tree of the same insect.  We looked on other trees around here Bhutan saw no more imprints like those.  If you have any hunch as to what his is please contact me.

Please upload a picture - without that there is little more we can do in terms of identification.

It sounds a lot like a whip scorpion of some kind: … 8QPmsPmjAQ

They have long legs and antennae, are spider-like and hand around on tree bark.