Hello my name is Allison I am doing a report and I want to know how many hours biologists work per week.  Thanks!

Hi Allison, the "average" biologist works between 35 and 80 hours per week, depending on the research being carried out, the time of the year, the nature of the particular job and the importance of approaching deadlines. I have certainly worked both ends of this spectrum in my experience of biology.

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as a medic and biologist I usually work at least 50 hours/week, and when I am on call, up to 65 hours/week

As a PhD student i work 67- just for the record! Plus additional hours for demonstrating for classes, working at the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge and sporadic field trips. It is a demanding profession but one that is well worth it if you love what you do!

Blimey Emma, 67 hours a week!  You'll put people off doing a PhD!  I try to keep my PhD to a 'normal' working week, i.e. 35-40 hours a week, including demonstrating.  Where necessary I'll do a bit extra in the evenings and at weekends, and I don't doubt that when the writing-up phase approaches my working week will increase substantially.  I do try to keep the whole work-life balance thing in check though.

I'm a university lecturer, and in an average week I'd work about 45-50 hours, but there are occasional weeks with much more, and very few when I work less.

I work as a researcher in a university and probably I average around 40-45 hours a week (I think I get paid for 35 of them!). However at least for me, one of the nice things about being a biologist is that I can pick my own hours and - as long as the job gets done - it doesn't matetr how long it takes.

In practice this means that when things are going well (.. it happens sometimes!!) I may only work 30 hours in a week, but when I hit problems I may have to work 55 or 60!