If you can imagine describing a human via a series of nouns, using a broad interpretation of the words, such as:

STRENGTH - in terms of the physical strength of a person.  Not specifically the strength of their bicept, but more an overall bodily strength.
CONSTITUTION - in terms of their health, their ability to fight of disease and in part their potential to take take physical punishment and recover from it.
AGILITY - in terms of gross motor skills, not necessarily fine manipulation.
STAMINA - in terms of how long the person can keep going.  Obviously there may be a mental element to this, but it should be excluded for this pupose to focus on purely the physical element of stamina.

What I would like to know is at what age is the human body considered to be at its prime, excluding any influences/activites that could speed up development, maintain it or prevent its deterioration, i.e.: if ALL other things are equal.

And for those you feel can be rated so, how do the various stages of human physical development, i.e.: in terms of individual years, relate to this apex of the bodies development.

For example, if 19 was the apex of human phydical development, then how would a 9 year olds strength relate to the same person when they were 19.  Would it be 40%?  30%?  If if we were to say that the 19 year old had a score of 20 on an imaginary strength rating system, what would be their rating at age 9?  Or age 55?

I realise that I may be asking a question that simply has too many variables influencing it, but any answer/suggestion would be better than none.



Almost sounds like you're creating a character in a role playing game......

Let's hope somebody can provide you with an answer, but I would think these different physical attributes peak in performance around 18-22 for most people (although all attributes probably do not reach the apex at the same time). Certainly been a slippery slope towards "fat bastard" for me after the age of 25.

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Good guess! see Padraig's website


I would have to say that around 39 is the most potent, virile age for men.

Any particular reason to pick that number Mike? :-)