I'm an Indian finished Xii std with 80% marks.
i found Bsc zoology with hons in herpetology course provided at UNIVERSITY OF WALES,BANGOR.
i would like to know the standard qualification for eligibility to be an under graduate at the university.
the facilities provided by them and the quality of teaching in the respective area.
and accomodation facilities.

I suggest you peruse the Bangor university (http://www.bangor.ac.uk/biology/listcou … jectarea=2)
and ucas websites (http://university.which.co.uk/courses/b … our-4-9000), where all of that information is available.

I studied for my first degree at Bangor many years ago, though I have friends who still teach there now. I enjoyed my time there, and the facilities seemed adequate for the purposes of teaching. There is no doubt that larger and better funded universities are going to be able to offer a broader set of training experiments, final year projects and resources - but then larger universities also have a lot of other people competing for those resources. What I liked about Bangor was that it was small enough to get to know the lecturers quite well - the other main reason for choosing Bangor is the surrounds - beaches, islands, open water and mountains all on your doorstep.

If you are associated with the school of ocean sciences (they run a marine zoology course) there are some good resources, and Bangor is especialliy well known for it's marine biology and oceanography courses and has its own fully kitted research ship.

The university accommodation in Bangor, as in many of the other universities in the UK, is very similar and perfectly adequate. Some of the hall accommodation in Bangor, such as Bryn Dinas, offer unparalleled views over the Menai Straits, and others such as Elidir offer views over Snowdonia - but then it depends on your room position (and this will be allocated, not chosen). Accommodation for subsequent years varies greatly, from real holes to rather lovely houses. It's important to team up with other potential flatmates and find somewhere at the start of the second term of your first year if you plan to get the best choices.

Bangor is one of the cheaper areas in the country to live, with rents generally being a little lower than those in the bigger cities. Bangor is popular with international students (as well as mature students), and certainly always has a large number of South Asian, African, Japanese and SE Asian students (often for Agro-Forestry courses or accountancy) - I spent all of my time living and maing friends with overseas students, which I valued greatly. In many respects I always felt that Bangor was better known overseas than it is in the UK.

As for how your grades translate for their entry requirements, you will need to follow David's links above.