Hi all, I spotted this on a website and thought we could probably help out. Does anyone know?

"I thought I'd make sure everyone was aware of the manic pleasure cats get from Emery Boards (nail files/buffing pads/call 'em what you will). Ours go mental, rubbing against them, chewing at them and chasing them wherever we drag them. Only question is why? Can some bright spark tell us if they contain a substance similar to catnip, and more importantly if the things are actually toxic?!"

Emery boards are rough, which cats love for scratchability, but I can think of no chemical involved that would attract cats - unless it's in the glue that attaches the emery / emery paper to the board.

Seccotine (fish glue) is a cheap, traditional, protein-based adhesive that remains flexible when it is dry, so I would be surprised if it wasn't used for some brands of emery boards. It may be the smell of the (edible) fish glue that the cats like so much.

That's so cute! :-D

Dont you have something better to do with your time Dr Hone ?

But, i will pass this info onto my cat loving sister, or maybe better test this idea on her beloved cats next time i visit there, but of course i wont tell her thats why the cats are going crazy... excellent!

I think some addional scientific experimentation is needed here, lets call it independant verification!