"Bacteria are essentially immortal", John Steemson, University of Waikato. NZ

Ok, i never suggested bacteria had telomers it was a scientific tongue in cheek remark, regarding ageing.

I would have replied to the answer you gave but it appears i cannot reply to an answer, which, i guess is where your views on communicating must come from.

To suggest that communication regarding scientific questions (remaining unanswered in my view) is counter productive is somewhat antiquated, is it not? don't answer that!

I discovered your site today and think it is a fabulous idea, i was warmed by the speed of response (chilled by the lack of counter response), but will continue to return.

David, without too much investigation i am presuming that you are expert #1, but would hope that this would not stop further 'experts' from continuing a discussion until an answer to the original question is complete. [IF EVER]!!

fair comments Ryan and yes I'd like to think I am an expert in some areas of biology - no one can be an expert in everything.

To be clear - this is NOT a biology forum nor do we advertise it as such. It is a place kids and adults can post questions on any area of biology and gain an answer. where the scientific literature is lacking or not known - we say so. If there is debate (and that happens sometimes) then there will be a discussion between the "experts" and sometimes yes we disagree though try and achieve a consensus - not least so the person who asked the question feels they have an answer (if not "the" answer).