End of the flood in sight

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been a busy relaunch, but we seem to be getting on top of the first tidal wave of questions. Our new members have been helping on that front, so a hearty "thanks" to them! The questions have been hugely varied and many have been fascinating to ponder whilst trying to compose an answer. Keep 'em coming!

The initial teething problems with the site have largely been identified by now, so hopefully we will be ship-shape and ready to settle in for the long voyage of biological discovery that lies ahead on AAB. I expect our next challenge will be dealing with insect identifications as we move into summer - so our entomology types had better be on their toes!

We hope you enjoy the site and please remember that there are thousands of past questions to browse through, so don't feel that you always have to have a question to come to the site. And remember that feedback is always useful, so if there's anything that you think works well - or more importantly, doesn't work well - please tell us. Enjoy your visit!

Paolo Viscardi

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