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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today AAB hit a grand total of 2757 questions asked on the site and we have now provided over 7280 anseres to those questions. Obviously there are more answers than questions since the knowledge and experise of the AAB experts means that a number of us can contribute with different ideas and information for various questions.

What this really means of course is that there is a huge selection of things for you to browse on AAB with thousands of different topics being covered and all manner of details out there.

We have fianlly uploaded much of the 'In the Lab' backlog too with 10 essays now bing posted and more coming. This section is there to provide some greater depth than some answers provide and to really get to grips with the fundamentals of biology that people often don't ask about but we feel are worth giving answers for.

As ever, the site continues to expand, so do dive into the archives.


Dave Hone

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