Evolution: Education and Outreach

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AAB has just got a little more academic with the publication of a research paper on the project. A group of AAB experts (myself, Mike Taylor, David Wynick, Paolo Viscardi and Neil Gosling) have written about our experiences of creating and running the site and how it has developed as a tool for science communication. Obviously we are generally pleased with the outcome but it is important to note the success we have had. About half a million readers, nearly 4000 questions with over 10 000 answers and all on a budget of a few thousand pounds. What we hope now is that


Dave Hone


Hone, David W. E.; Taylor, Michael P.; Wynick, David; Viscardi, Paolo; Gostling, Neil. 2010. Running a Question-and-Answer Website for Science Education: First-Hand Experiences. Evolution: Education and Outreach. 4:153-157.

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