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Monday, April 19, 2010

Today sees the launch of AAB which has been a log time coming but is finally here. Regular readers will be aware of the huge change to the site this entails and hopefully new readers will be pleased. However much the site changes though, the core of AAB is that we are here to answer your questions on any aspect of biology to the best of our ability and to get you interested in science and research.

AAB has been going for over three years now and is basically run on a shoestring budget and the time and goodwill of the various academics and experts who answer the questions. The site was set up to try and bring the public in direct contact with working scientists and to help provide accurate and informed information to those who want it. The internet has obviously expanded and changed the way we get information enormously, but it can be hard to filter out the good from the bad or to interpret some of the complex and detailed discussions that go on. Every person on AAB is a qualified academic (with a medical degree, PhD or working towards one in the biological sciences) or a professional science worker (museum curator, science educator) so you can be assured that the information you are getting is from qualified professionals. In fact you can see who we all are and what work we do here.

The new site is designed to be easier to use and navigate and features new essays on the basics of science and biology (From the Lab), many more links than before, the ability to upload photos and a spell checker and the ability to link your question and our answers straight to Facebook, Twitter and so on.  It should be much easier to work with, both for visitors and the people that run AAB. All the old archives of previous questions (close to 2500 of them in fact) are all preserved – nothing of the old site is gone, just a whole lot more has been added.

Obviously this blog itself is a new feature and we hope to have semi-regular posts going up on interesting science stories and the research of the AAB contributors on here. None of this would have been possible without the sponsors who helped us out. The Palaeontological Association provided the seed money for this project and hosts the site, and more recently the Physiological Society, AIMS, and Above and Beyond Charities all put up money to get us to this stage. Our deep thanks to them and to the people who helped build the site, Eikon Works and Paranoid Fish for the early site and then Oliver Humpage and Gary Bristow for the latest version. That should serve as a quick little introduction the site.

Obviously do take a look round, and ask us a question, or check out the archives. If you want to know more then do read the Frequently Asked Questions, and if you have major issues with the site, or even want to join us, then do contact us here. Do come back too – new questions and answers appear every day and we still have more links and lab essays to add into the new site – it’s growing every day.

Thanks, and enjoy asking biologists.

Dave Hone

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