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Dave Warburton

I'm a professional ecologist and the Biodiversity Officer with an outer London borough. As such, I provide advice to the council and the public about wildlife matters and legislation, as well as providing comments on planning developments.

Part of my duties include undertaking practical habitat management, which includes tree felling and hedgelaying, as well as other traditional management skills and crafts. During the summer months, I spend a lot of time out surveying our sites for flora and fauna and delivering guided walks, events and workshops for members of the public.

I've a BSc in Hominid Evolution and a MSc in Biodiversity and have worked over the years for local government, the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts and I'm interested in pretty much everything: from dragonflies to hemi-parasitic plants and from green roofs to small mammals. I also undertake voluntary surveys for the BTO ( and the Bat Conservation Trust (, as well as more obscure invertebrate surveys...

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